FGL Describe New Whiskey Flavor With “Peaches & Pecans” 

Posted: 8:06 am Monday, August 8th, 2016

By Staff Writer

If you haven’t heard, the boys of Florida Georgia Line have introduced a new line of whiskey called Old Camp Whiskey.

They opened up about what influenced the flavor of their whiskey, “We wanted it to taste like home,” they tell People magazine. “With the peaches and the pecans, you’ve got a little bit of Florida, and a little bit of Georgia. The whiskey makes it an experience… you get to indulge in all three of them.”


The duo go on to promise that even fans who don’t consider themselves big whiskey drinkers will be impressed. “It’s absolutely the whiskey for the non-whiskey drinker,” they insist. “Even for us, we love drinking whiskey, but we also love the taste of pecans because it’s got a unique flavor. You get a sip of that peach pecan, you’ll have another, I promise you.”