Tyler Farr Admits No Prenup: “If She Leaves Me, I Deserved It” 

Posted: 7:00 am Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

By Staff Writer

Tyler Farr & Hannah

Wow I’m kind of really impressed with Tyler Farr being so open about this – and I know so many people have different opinions on prenups.

“People Country” spoke with Tyler Farr and he “says he never second-guessed his choice of bride. In fact, he says he was so convinced, he even refused to draw up a prenuptial agreement. I had several friends suggest that. In the music business, that’s a standard,” he says. “But I said, if I need a prenup, I don’t need to be getting married. I’m getting married one time and that’s it. The only way this is going to end is if she leaves me — and if she leaves me, I deserved it.”

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