Dustin Lynch Preparing His Body For Beach Festival With Luke Bryan 

Posted: 11:31 pm Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

By Staff Writer


Dustin Lynch has a lot to celebrate this year with his new #1 hit “Seein Red” and being on
The Lip Sync Battle on Spike Wednesday Night and so much more that 2016 brought him. But he is taking it slow and watching what he eats for the rest of the year. While he admits he dug in quite a bit on Thanksgiving, he regrets that come Christmas time, he’ll have to take it slow since he has a date with Luke Bryan after the first of the year.

“You know, with Crash My Playa coming up in January,” he says of Luke’s getaway vacation concert in Mexico. “I’ll have to watch myself around Christmas. I have to sample pretty much everything to make sure it’s okay to eat, especially the pies. I’m the guy that gets all the pies and has to try at least all of them. A little wasteful. I might not eat all of all the pies, but I’ll eat most of all the pies,” he reveals.