Luke Bryan Changed Lyrics in His Song To Make It More Family Friendly 

Posted: 6:53 am Thursday, January 5th, 2017

By Staff Writer


Luke Bryan is such a stand up guy, and with kids of his own he is very aware of how he wants people to perceive and her HIS music. So there’s a good reason why Luke Bryan’s music is so family-friendly. He was talking to “Billboard” about his song “Fast” when he explained why he took out a lyric that’s barely offensive.

The original version of the chorus featured the line, “Damn, it just goes too fast.” He changed it to, “Man, it just goes too fast.”

He said, quote, “It’s one thing to write [damn] in there. But then to think of the reality that kids are going to be hearing it, it’s better if you can find an alternative word where you don’t lose your punch . . . and I felt like ‘man’ certainly did that.”