Dierks Bentley Does Annual Lake Jump in 35 Degree Water 

Posted: 6:50 pm Monday, January 16th, 2017

By Staff Writer

dierks lake jump.jpg

Maddie, Dierks, Tae, Canaan, Kip

Every year for the past 15 years, Dierks Bentley has rang in the New Year with a Lake Jump. He jumps in really cold water as a “good luck” for the upcoming year. Last year, Maddie & Tae, Canaan Smith, and Kip Moore joined him on this jump and back in 2014 he actually did the lake jump here in Orlando with K92.3! Well this year, he did the jump 13 days late. And to him, that was a big deal. So he decided he was going to stay in the 35 degree water for 13 minutes to make up for his tardiness… Here are the video’s he posted of the jump.

lake jump part 2 (full video on facebook/twitter)

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