Dan + Shay Get Powerful in New “How Not To” Music Video 

Posted: 5:57 am Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

By Staff Writer


This is quite the change of pace for Dan + Shay. Their songs and music video’s have never been more than lovey dovey, happy, and full of puppies. But this week they decided to make a statement. They released an emotional new visual for their song “How Not To.” Taste of Country reports that the video was premiered this week and opens at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, where several addicts are gathered to discuss the struggles and victories that life as an alcoholic can often bring. The rest of the clip focuses on a recovering alcoholic named Sophie, who is struggling with her first day of sobriety and gives viewers a peek at how she attempts to manage her day-to-day life as a waitress sneaking sips of alcohol from her water bottle. Things start to look up when Sophie introduces herself to a handsome guy at the meeting who is also trying to stay clean.