Carrie Underwood To Take A Break From Music in 2017 

Posted: 6:00 am Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

By Staff Writer


Carrie Underwood revealed on the Grammys red carpet that she plans to take a step back form all the music, glitz and spotlight this year.“Right now, I’m kind of in the process of remembering what it’s like to be human and getting into the mom routine and going to some hockey games and stuff like that,” She also revealed on Sunday, as reported by Taste of Country. “I figure I’ll start working on new stuff at some point. I’ll get the itch and I’ll be like OK, I need to go be creative.” Underwood went on to say that that break will start with a vacation with her husband Mike Fisher. “There’s a little mini break that they have in his schedule, so we’re not going to waste it,” she noted.