More Details on Thomas Rhetts BIG Announcement, Like How He Found Out & Which Artist is Giving Advice 

Posted: 6:03 am Thursday, February 16th, 2017

By Staff Writer

Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren, have started opening up more and sharing more details about yesterday’s (2/15) news that they are expecting a baby and also adopting a baby from Africa. Lauren tells People that the couple was already months into the adoption process when Lauren started feeling sick in December. The two were on a safari in Tanzania at the time, with Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and his wife, Hayley,  and they were all so convinced Lauren wasn’t pregnant that when she took the pregnancy test, Rhett wasn’t even with her… he was was actually doing a treadmill workout when she took the pregnancy test. BUT  Tyler and Hayley were there when the test results came back positive, “I’m jumping up and down, Tyler’s giving me a bear hug and Hayley’s running out of their room and I’m like, ‘Thomas Rhett is not even here!'” Lauren told People. The three then raced to the gym to tell Thomas the happy news. Rhett says, “I was in complete and utter shock! No one is ever prepared for something like that. It is almost like we suddenly had twins.”
Since that day, Thoma shas obviously been preparing for the day that he hold both his children in his arms. And he has been getting advice from some professionals… He tells People, “I had dinner with Dierks Bentley and his wife the other night and I got a few tips from Dierks. He was like, ‘Well, you’re not going to get any sleep and Red Bull is going to be your best friend!'” And Thomas says he’s also made a few modifications to his tour bus to make sure his babies can join him out on the road. Rhett shares, “I took a whole row of bunks out of my bus and got a baby crib put in there. So we’re getting life on the road ready for when we do bring them out there.”