Eric Church Cancels Thousands of Tickets Bought By Scalpers 

Posted: 5:59 am Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

By Staff Writer


Eric Church went head-to-head with scalpers this week by canceling more than 25,000 tickets purchased with the intent to be resold for his spring tour. “They buy thousands of tickets across the U.S., not just mine, and they end up making a fortune,” Church told the Associated Press, as reported by Billboard. “They use fake credit cards, fake IDs. All of this is fraud.” The canceled tickets will be released today at noon local time for the remaining stops of the 60-city tour. More tickets for Church’s shows in Washington state and Oregon will also go on sale February 27. He announced this on Monday via instagram with a post that was captioned as “Standing behind his vow to put face-value tickets in fans’ hands, Eric Church has cancelled 25,000+ secondary market ticket orders on the tour and is releasing them back to the public. “You come at us, we’re going to go after you in return. You come after our fans? Well, let’s just say we see you, we know how you are, and we’re coming for you with 10x the vengeance.” Tickets are released tomorrow at noon local time for the remaining cities on the tour.”