Kip Moore Is BACK After 3 Month Break From Music 

Posted: 6:10 am Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

By Staff Writer

Joy & peace…simple but elusive at times

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KIP MOORE, back at the end of 2016 told fans he needed to take time for himself. He needed to take a break from music, from tour, from everything and just do his own thing for himself for a while. And that is exactlly what he did. BUT now he is back! He has been off the grid for nearly 3 months and he says he didn’t expect to be gone quite that long, but he has no regrets. He talked to the press about it and mostly justified why he needed to unplug.

Quote, “I had only had more than seven or eight days off for about six years. So, when you’re doing 200 shows a year for six years straight, you know, a week just doesn’t quite cut it. And I love to go surf so I go a long ways away.”

He reminded everyone that he finished his new album before he left . . . and that allowed him to clear his head and not worry about coming back to an unfinished project. He also said that he visited some pretty cool places.

Quote, “I went to Maui first, then to Costa Rica, then to Park City, Utah . . . and now I’m back and ready to go.” (Park City is where we hosted the skiing and snowboarding events at the 2002 Winter Olympics.)