Kip Moore Finds Deadly Snake Outside Bedroom Door 

Posted: 6:46 am Monday, March 6th, 2017

By Staff Writer

Well we’ve heard this story before but it never gets old… Back in January it was Brett Eldredge who posted a photo of an uninvited guest hanging out in his toilet. 
Now it’s Kip Moore who is dealing with large, unwelcomed guests. While he was in Costa Rica on that three-month hiatus. He saw a snake curled up in front of his bedroom door . . . and, fortunately, he recognized it, because it could’ve been fatal. He was kind of a snake buff as a kid, and he knew it was a bushmaster, which is one of the deadliest vipers on the planet. Here’s how it went down. Quote, “I got to the foot of my door to go in my bedroom and there was a bushmaster snake right there, about an eight- or nine-footer. That freaked me out a little bit, I’ll be honest with you because I know how toxic those things are. “I tried to scoot him out, and got him out into the brush to let him go back to his home.” Here is a little throwback to when Brett Eldredge found a snake in his hotel toilet…

Before ya go to the bathroom…DONT FORGET TO LOOK DOWN😳

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