Thomas Rhett Opens Up About Details To His Adoption 

Posted: 6:10 am Friday, March 10th, 2017

By Staff Writer


Adopting a child is an emotional roller coaster. And unless you have gone through the process it’s pretty hard to understand just what parents who are adopting go through. We now know Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren are adopting a 16-month old girl from Africa and here is what Thomas has to say about his adoption experience… “I’ll describe it in a way of not saying too many just details ’cause there’s just a lot of things that were extremely hard and a little bit tough to talk about. But the process of adopting someone from a different country is really, really strenuous. And you find out a lot about yourself when you’re over there and you and your wife are staying in a hotel room for a month and a half and you wake up and you think you’re gonna get some news and you don’t get it, or you don’t think you’re gonna get some news and you do get it. Really, the best way I can describe the adopting process is an emotional roller coaster.”

Then he put it into perspective on why he is doing it. Why he put him and is wife through the emotional roller coaster of it all… “In the end, all of it is for a good thing and you just have to realize you’re adopting a human being, and so you know that those people that are going to let her into your care want to know that you really are a stand-up person and you can support this child. So I understand how tough they make it for you to see how bad you really want it. But it is very hard. But we’re finally over that hump and cannot wait to get our child home.”