Thomas Rhett Sings With 11-Year-Old Fan On Stage 

Posted: 12:11 am Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

By Staff Writer


At a recent show, Thomas Rhett did a Q & A before the show where he met 11-year-old Sofia… At the Q & A Rhett found out that Sofia wrote a song about his wife, Lauren. So of course he had to get her up on stage to sing with him. Here is a little breakdown of how the video below goes… “Are you famous? Do I know you from somewhere?” Rhett asked her before beginning the song. “No. I know you, though!” she exclaimed as Rhett laughed.

Part of the song really got to Thomas Rhett where he actually stopped the song and started joking about signing her to “Home Team Records”…  “My name is Thomas Rhett, president of Home Team recording, and here’s a contract that says everything you do ’til you’re 40 is mine,” he joked. “That’s cool,” Sofia agreed. “I’m okay with that.”

The young singer began the song as Rhett accompanied her, winning over the audience instantly. They sang the first verse of the tune together — which is pretty catchy, we might say.

She didn’t let the opportunity go to get Rhett to sign her boot before she got offstage, though.