Confirmed that Sam Hunt Has Not Tied The Knot Yet 

Posted: 5:17 am Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

By Staff Writer

It hasn’t been long since CRS (country radio seminar) where Sam Hunt did a private performance for some radio people. During that performance, he had made a comment that “I’m getting married in a couple of months, so between planning a wedding and keeping my fiancée smiling, I’m trying to kick up some new music for y’all.” So of course, everyone has been waiting patiently waiting to see when the big day will be.

Then about a week ago Sam Hunt sent the world in a frenzie with some pictures that he posted to Instagram that looked like he had a wedding ring on. Everyone assumed that he had pulled off some big elaborate secret wedding that NO ONE knew about. But CMT Cody got an exclusive from Sam Hunt confirming that the wedding won’t be happening for several weeks.

Sam Hunt says he just feels like a married man already and he likes the feel of his ring… so he wears it. If thats not the most romantic thing you’ve ever heard…