Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Play “Most Likely To…” 

Posted: 6:06 am Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

By Staff Writer

tim and faith.jpg

Tim McGraw and Faith hill played a fun little game of “Most Likely To.” Which is a pretty self explanitory game. Someone says who is most likely to do this thing and they answer. Tim’s most likely to hog the remote and be romantic . . . Faith’s most likely to plan a vacation or discipline the kids. They did the interview yesterday.

Here are some of the questions to they’re game of “Most Likely To.”  See if you can guess the answers . . .

Who’s most likely to wake up first?

Answer:  Faith

Most likely to control the TV remote?

Answer:  Tim.  He likes to watch reality shows where they’re in the garage, rebuilding cars and stuff.  Faith’s more of an “Alaskan Bush People” type.  And the last thing they binge-watched was “The Crown”.

Most likely to fall asleep in the middle of the movie? 

Answer: They both do.

Most likely to plan a vacation?

Answer: Faith.  But Tim’s all about the ‘surprise’ vacation.

Most likely to cook? 

Answer: Neither . . . because they BOTH cook.  Faith’s specialty is fried chicken, cornbread, peas, and cherry pie.  Tim says his specialty is chicken and dumplings, but Faith says it’s spaghetti and meatballs.