Blake Shelton Reportedly Settled In Lawsuit Against “In Touch Magazine” 

Posted: 5:58 am Friday, April 14th, 2017

By Staff Writer

We have all seen those headlines with magazines that we think to ourselves “there is no way this is true… ” All the stories about divorces and pregnancy and all of that. Well back in 2015, Blake Shelton had enough of In Touch Magazine  and their the lies they were printing about him and Miranda Lambert. In the September 2015 issue the cover story claimed Blake was headed to rehab and that his heavy drinking contributed to his divorce from Miranda Lambert. Which was so far from the truth that Blake Shelton filed for defamation of character and it’s been reported that they reached a settlement in his lawsuit with In Touch magazine according to documents filed in a Los Angeles federal court on Thursday (4/13) stating, lawyers for Shelton and In Touch asked a judge to dismiss the defamation lawsuit filed by Blake. While no details were released about a possible settlement, sources tell TMZ that In Touch has “shelled out an undisclosed amount of money to make the suit go away.”