Brett Young Has One Food He Can Never Say No Too… 

Posted: 5:50 am Friday, April 14th, 2017

By Staff Writer

So as we know… most country stars are hot. They have perfectly in-shape bodies that they work hard to keep that way. They have to watch what they eat, or work out all the time. And Brett Young is no different. This guy is good looking but he has to work hard to keep his body looking like that. Except when there is pizza around… Pizza is his major weakness… He says, “You know it probably depends on the city I’m in because there’s, you know if I’m in Chicago I’m definitely going to go get some pizza. I’m either gonna go to Lou’s or Giordano’s. But you know if I’m in Los Angeles chances are I’m going to go have In and Out. So it just kind of depends, but I think if I had to pick like one as a default cheat, it would be pizza.”