Jason Aldean Walks Us Through His Pre-Show Routine 

Posted: 5:44 am Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

By Staff Writer

Everyone loves having a schedule… if just makes some people feel more organized and productive . Well Jason Aldean’s “They Don’t Know Tour” launches tomorrow (4/27), he’ll be ready to return to his organized pre-show schedule. He tells us, “I’m kind of a creature of habit, like at the shows. So, five o’clock rolls around, I eat dinner at five o’clock every day, and then meet-and-greets at seven-thirty, I mean, it’s like a structured deal. And then as soon as the meet-and-greets are over I go hang out with band for a couple of hours and just kind of crank some music, kinda get loosened up a little bit for the show. It’s weird, it’s like you start to do somethin’ different in our day, it gets weird, like it throws everybody off.”