21 Things You May Not Know About Dustin Lynch 

Posted: 6:27 am Thursday, May 11th, 2017

By Staff Writer


Dustin Lynch recently sat down with The Boot to share 21 facts that fans might not know about him. Here are 10 of them [see full list at the link]:

  1. The first celebrity he ever met was Vince Gill.
  2. His first celebrity crush was Reba McEntire.
  3. The first thing he notices about a girl is her smile and her eyes.
  4. His best pickup line is his guitar.
  5. In his opinion, the sexiest woman alive is Kate Upton.
  6. And the sexiest man alive is the Dos Equis guy (“The Most Interesting Man in the World”).
  7. One place he’d like to visit is Australia.
  8. He loves the smell of baked cobbler.
  9. He prefers Calvin Klein briefs to boxers.
  10. A song that always makes him cry is “Ships That Don’t Come In” by Joe Diffie.

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