Listen: Brett Eldredge’s New Single “The Long Way” 

Posted: 6:24 am Monday, May 15th, 2017

By Staff Writer


Brett Eldredge has premiered another new single!!! It’s called “The Long Way,” which will appear on his forthcoming self-titled album that is suppose to be released the first week in August! The video above is an acoustic version he posted to his Instagram and since he sings to his dog, Edgar we figured we would share it with you. The video below is the official audio video. “For me, ‘Long Way’ stands out as such a powerful look at love and that search for something deeper,” Eldredge says of the mellow love ballad in a press release. “It’s about that big moment when you finally meet the person you’ve been waiting to meet, and you want to know everything about them. You don’t just want a quick breeze through their hometown and life, you want to take the long way. It’s a beautiful sentiment about love.”