Dustin Lynch Says Fandom’s Colliding In Nashville Is A Great Thing 

Posted: 7:34 am Friday, June 2nd, 2017

By Staff Writer


Nashville is going to be a busy busy BUSY place for the next few weeks. Thousands of fans will be showing up for CMA Music Festival while the city is still hosting the Stanley Cup Finals featuring the Nashville Predators and Pittsburgh Penguins. Dustin Lynch talks about how this could be very beneficial for everyone “You know, I think it’s just gonna add to the excitement. Um, I think also, you know, both the NHL and the CMA Fest will kind of benefit from each other, you know, because you’re gonna see so much NHL in the town and, you know, that people from all over the world are here seeing that and vice versa, so I think it’s gonna be an amazing thing. I’m…fingers crossed I’ll be able to go to a game. I will say that every playoff game I’ve attended we’ve won, so I wanna put that out there [for] anybody with an extra ticket.”