Thomas Rhrett Reflects On Moments That His Dad Saved Him From Panicking 

Posted: 6:25 am Thursday, June 15th, 2017

By Staff Writer

Father’s day is all abut thanking your dad for being a great father and being supportive and their for you as their child. And Thomas Rhett thinks back to how his dad taught him lessons about putting on a live show that he will never forget and made him the artist he was today. He says, “You know dad has always just been like such a constant when it comes to me and my live show.  A lot of that comes from me just growing up watching him play so many shows as an artist.  But he is the sole reason on a lot of shows where I have not completely had a panic attack. Like I’ll walk off stage and know that I did not play my best show and he’s always the first one to be like, ‘Yeah, you know, a couple of things were pretty rough. But overall it was good.’ He’s always been that calming presence and always been the guy that says, ‘Why don’t you try swappin’ these two songs and see what happens,’ or ‘It’s alright, we’ll write it. Don’t worry that we don’t have your first single, we will make it happen one way or the other.’” So as father’s day approaches, WE want to thank Thomas Rhett’s dad, for the artist he is today because Thomas is one of our favorites!