Jason Aldean Says Thomas Rhett Texts Him Asking For Parenting Advice 

Posted: 6:27 am Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

By Staff Writer

jason aldean

As a new dad, it’s not easy trying to figure out how things work… and when you’re a country star, its even harder with the traveling and appearances and all that! So of course Thomas Rhett turns to one of his closest friends who just happens to be in the same boat as him when it comes to touring schedules and success, Jason Aldean!  “I was texting him one day and he was kinda asking me some questions,” Aldean tells Taste of Country. “So I talked to him a little bit about it because I do have two older daughters…I think being a parent–it’s something you figure out along the way. There’s no book; there’s no right or wrong way to do it. You just figure it out as you go along.” Jason is expecting his 3rd child, 1st boy, here soon while Thomas Rhett is expecting his 2nd child in August and just recently got custody of his first child who was adopted from Uganda. So to say these two guys have their hands full would be an understatement!