Zac Brown Asks Judge To Be Excused From Court Date Involving Injured Fan 

Posted: 8:23 pm Monday, June 26th, 2017

By Staff Writer


Back in 2015 at a Zac Brown Band Concert at Boston’s Fenway Park Karen Perry, who is blind, alleges that she was gravely injured during the country star’s performance after he encouraged the crowd to bum-rush the venue’s disabled section, where she was seated. TMZ reports that Zac Brown has asked a judge to let him skip the upcoming court date involving the lawsuit that was filed against him by the injured fan. Brown has reportedly told the court that the Live Nation rep who is planning to attend the hearing has his full authority to settle the lawsuit, which will hopefully take place at the scheduled mediation this week. In her suit, filed in February 2016, Brown alleges that she can no longer use her white walking cane after a security guard lifted a metal gate to let fans into her section. She also cited Brown’s “known propensity for going into the crowd.”