Miranda Lambert Responds After Being Pushed To Talk Politics In Interview 

Posted: 5:53 am Friday, July 28th, 2017

By Staff Writer


Miranda Lambert explains in her new Billboard cover story why she refuses to discuss politics or sing political-minded songs. I mean we all remember what happened when the Dixie Chicks made a comment about George W. Bush… It pretty much tanked there career from there on out. And now that we have a new president in office, a lot of artists and celebrities are being very vocal on their social media accounts about how they feel about the POTUS but Miranda Lambert has no interest in falling in line with some of these artists.

In the new article, released on Thursday, the author writes , “When I ask Lambert if she thinks that at this moment in history — with, among other things, this particular president in office — there is an opening for her to make the kind of issue-oriented songs [Loretta] Lynn became known for, Lambert is quick to dismiss the idea.”

She is quoted as saying in response, “I am a 100 percent believer in not ever using the platform that I’ve built for anything other than music, because music to me is an escape from your own reality. I don’t want to go to a show and hear somebody preach about their opinions.” And when pushed, Lambert stood her ground.

“It’s so divided [in politics], you can’t win anyway. And what are you winning?” she asked. “For someone to agree with you, and now you’ve spoken your piece and pissed off many other people, just for one person to go, ‘She’s right’? It doesn’t do any good.” Lambert added, “I’m a country singer. We talk about tears in our beers.”