Blake Shelton Gives Harsh Opinion About The Other Voice Judges 

Posted: 5:54 am Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

By Staff Writer

Season 13 of The Voice could quite possibly be the best season yet! But Blake Shelton would have to disagree… or maybe in his case, agree that this would be HIS best season yet. He gave EXTRA some details on how he feel Season 13 will go with this round of judges…

“You know, when I think of the other coaches and this season, it’s going to be some of what we have seen before with Adam and his ego. And then we have Miley who’s a returning coach, who is…she’s changed, she’s turned a dial. I mean, she’s talking about that in her interviews and stuff. She’s kind of turned a corner and now she’s…she’s country…Miley’s country now and that’s an insult to me and I take it personally, and so she’s on my hit list. And then the jury’s out on Jennifer so far. She’s a sweet person, I like her a lot, but that doesn’t matter… she is also my competition, and forget her.”