Brett Eldredge Tells Us About The “Most Interesting Job” He Has Had, He Was 15 

Posted: 6:26 am Friday, September 1st, 2017

By Staff Writer

Can you just sit there and imagine a 15-year-old Brett Eldredge? This kid has always wanted to sing though, that’s pretty obvious. He worked a lot of odd jobs during his professional life, but there was one gig that wasn’t so different from what he does now. He says,”One of the most interesting jobs I had was…of course I sang, but I also deejayed ’cause I had all the equipment to sing. So, I would take…I would go play songs at like a wedding party, and then I would, in the middle of it, put in a CD and start singing, or my mom would run the sound. And so, that job was very interesting and not typical for a 15 year old or whatever I was.”