Jake Owen Writes Emotional Song Called “Single Dad” 

Posted: 6:13 am Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

By Staff Writer

This is something that a lot of people, know a lot about. Jake Owen isn’t the only single dad out there but he decided to put his emotions on paper and make some music out of it. Him and his ex wife, Lacey, have been divorced for almost two years now and they have traded off the parental duties as many other divorced parents have. Their daughter pearl is almost 5 and things haven’t always been easy for them… as you can tell from Jake Owens lyrics in his new song. He posted to Instagram the lyrics that he wrote on his phone…

jake owen dad.jpg

The lyrics on the Instagram post go like this…

“Sitting in a kroger parking lot/ Waiting on her mama to drop her off/ Rain crying tears on the windshield/ Hole in my heart is all I feel/ Gummy Bears in my shotgun seat/ Pair of pink flip flops on her pretty bare feet.

“Wanted to be a father / Wanted you so bad / Bringing home a daughter is the best day I’ve ever had / Never knew a love could hurt so deep / When love’s a promise you can’t keep / I’m caught between the happy and the sad / That’s life of a single dad,”

“She don’t care bout what we do / We’ll built a fort in the living room,” he shares of the happier times before: “It’s a goodbye airport photograph / Counting down the days til I get her back / Dreaming of the music of her laugh / That’s life of a single Dad.”