Country Artist Jo Dee Messina Has Been Diagnosed With Cancer 

Posted: 5:57 am Thursday, September 7th, 2017

By Staff Writer

Country Star Jo Dee Messina ,47, announced to fans on Wednesday that she has been diagnosed with cancer. She plans to “begin cancer treatment this fall,” which would forcing her to cancel her concerts after Oct. 7, according to a statement on her website. The post suggests that four upcoming dates — including her next show, scheduled for Sept. 12 at the Washington County Fair in Abingdon, Virginia — will go on as planned.

After her last few scheduled tour stops, Jo Dee Messina has decided to start treatment. She hasn’t announced what kind of treatment she is headed for yet but she said she is “working closely with a team to explore all options.”

The announcement came from a statement that EW reported that said, “Over the years, Jo Dee has built a close relationship with her fans, so those of us at Team JDM wanted to be the first to let you know that she was recently diagnosed with cancer. It has been a trying summer, but her heart has been filled with gratitude for the many opportunities she has had to see God’s hand at work.”

Messina’s team goes on to note her religious beliefs, saying she “feels blessed to be surrounded by the love of God — a love that has brought her the inner peace.”

Messina has taken this experience and her producer, Seth Mosley, has said that her new song “Here” was “one of the most powerful moments I’ve had in my entire studio career. To see Jo Dee singing ‘there’s no pain, there’s no fear, here’ through the cancer and the chaos that she is walking through…God is going to use her and her story to intercept people in their pain and remind them that He is near.”

Her team has promised to keep us up to date with any new news that comes out of her treatment and her doctors appointments. We will keep her in our prayers!