VIDEO: Las Vegas Shooting Victim Is Reunited With Man Who Saved His Life 

Posted: 6:09 am Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

By Staff Writer

There are so many stories coming out of this tragedy that happened in Las Vegas Sunday Night. Almost all of them are sad and upsetting but here is one that maybe will put a small smile on your face… Tom McIntosh was among the hundreds who were wounded in the Las Vegas mass shooting when James Lawson, a complete stranger with Army Reserves training as an EMT, used a belt to fashion a makeshift tourniquet. With all the chaos, Lawson never got to thank McIntosh for what he did, so live on TODAY, McIntosh and Lawson have an emotional reunion. “I wouldn’t have made it,” McIntosh says. “There’s got be hundreds of stories like this one,” Lawson says, and thanks the driver of the vehicle that took McIntosh to the hospital.