Rhett Akins’ Answer To “What’s The Most Redneck Thing You’ve Done,” Involved His Grandaughter Willa Gray 

Posted: 6:48 am Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

By Staff Writer

Rhett Akins is so easy going and fun! This is absolutely hilarious… “Country Aircheck” asked Rhett Akins to name the most redneck thing he’s done lately.  His answer may have sent chills up the spine of his son, Thomas Rhett.

Quote, “I took my two-year-old granddaughter Willa riding on my camouflaged four-wheeler to fill the fish and deer feeders on my farm.  I turned my head while she ate raw corn out of the deer feeder.  It was funny.  I only let her do it for a second.”

His next answer actually sounded more redneck than that.  They asked what he does every time he’s at a truck stop, and he said, quote, “I pick up a Coke and a pack of Red Man chewing tobacco.  That’s why I’m so healthy.”

And by healthy, he means chronic headaches.  He HAS to have his headache powders with him on the road.  Quote, “Either BC or Goody’s.  I buy them by the case because they don’t sell them outside the south.

“The first time I went to L.A., a store clerk asked if he could help me.  I said, ‘Yeah, I’m looking for some Goody’s.’  He said, ‘The whole store is full of goodies . . . potato chips, candy bars.”