RaeLynn Pleads For Help To Find Her Dog She Lost On Tour 

Posted: 8:49 pm Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

By Staff Writer

New Years Night and Fourth of July are the top two days of the year that dogs run away from home due to the fireworks. Dog’s get scared of the noise and bolt to a quiet place and get lost. Unfortunately, this isn’t immune to the dogs of our favorite country singers. Especially RaeLynn… Her beloved dog Dolly ran off her bus on New Year’s Eve in the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area and she has yet to find her fur-child. She has taken to social media to beg and plead for her fans to keep their eyes peeled if they are in the area and see a tiny chihuahua running around. Her latest post was an update that said “UPDATE: the last time she was spotted was this morning cuddled up in a blanket on someone’s porch in pigeon forge. When they went to grab her she bolted. Someone again saw her around 11:30am. I got here around 3pm from Nashville to lay out her beds and blankets from home. I am so thankful she is still alive and praying that she will be attracted from the scent of her bed. @theislandpf sent out there amazing team to help. It’s been a long day of ups and downs. Please keep praying for her return. 🙏”