Blake Shelton Explains Why He Doesn’t Do More Than His 30 Shows A Year 

Posted: 6:06 am Wednesday, January 10th, 2018

By Staff Writer

Blake Shelton has been loving his life as a coach on “The Voice” but he still isn’t able to completely remove himself from the country music scene! But he has cut back quite a bit. He has only toured about 30 dates a year since he started working on NBC’s The Voice and that is just how he likes it. He says “I Hope they’re not tired of me yet, you know? You can’t help but think that and I wouldn’t blame ’em if they are out there. I love my job. I love country music. I love having a moment in it and I wanna keep touring but not a lot though. I wanna do my 30 or so shows a year and call it good. I wanna still be excited about being on stage when I do it and I don’t wanna be feeling burnt out about it. And I think I’ve found that’s my sweet spot there and it keeps it new and exciting and it makes me nervous a bit and that’s the way I want it. “