Dierks Bentley Calls Back People Who Left A Voicemail On His “Mountain Line” 

Posted: 10:11 am Sunday, January 28th, 2018

By Staff Writer

It hasn’t been long since Dierks Bentley announced a new album coming out later this year called “The Mountain.” He is even taking on the persona of a mountain man and growing out his beard, living in a cabin, etc. After releasing his first song from that album, Woman, Amen, he decided to reach out to his fans… or actually have his fans reach out to him! He took to his social media accounts and posted “mountain line” phone number and told fans to call and leave him a message and he would try and return their call.

Well, now he is returning some of those phone calls and posting them to his Instagram account and he doesn’t seem to have very much luck…

Rule number one of being a Dierks Bentley fan… If he calls you, YOU PICK UP THE PHONE!

c’mon braddd

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🤔 sarah

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and FINALLY someone answered Dierk’s facetime and Elaine was completely shocked. The first thing she says is “is this real?”

elaine you’re the best

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