Maren Morris and Husband, Ryan Hurd, Release Wild West Music Video 

Posted: 6:48 am Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

By Staff Writer

On Monday, Maren Morris released the video for her latest single, “Rich,” off her hit album Hero. Not too long ago Maren Morris was teasing videos of her (at the time) future husband in an old west cowboy outfit and it all makes sense now. In it,

Morris plays an Old West bounty hunter who crashes the campsite of a few wanted men–one of whom is portrayed by her real-life husband, fellow country singer Ryan Hurd. Morris proceeds to turn him into the town sheriff for a reward, using the proceeds to splurge on designer clothes (“head-to-toe Prada”), jewelry and Corona, which she sips in a bubble bath as a shirtless Hurd re-enters the room in the final frame.