Sam Hunt’s Wife Hannah Back on Social Media After Hiatus 

Posted: 4:07 pm Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

By Staff Writer

Sam Hunt’s wife Hannah has been very, very private. Many have assumed that that was part of the reason she and Sam broke up many years ago originally – because of the spotlight surrounding his life when his music career began to blow up. The attention was not something she wanted.

Well, now Hannah Lee Hunt appears to be opening up a tad more when it comes to social media – at least as far as her Instagram page goes. Maybe it has something to do with Sam’s new music coming out soon? Letting everyone get a peek into their personal life? Sam himself has kept Hannah pretty private since being back together and now married, which as far as we know has been at her request.

Can you really blame her for wanting a quiet, private life? No, but it is nice to see maybe she’s warming up to the idea of sharing a bit more of their adventures and lives together – oh, and to show off that ridiculously killer bod!: