Maren Morris Has Hopes For. A Collaboration With The Country Music Queen 

Posted: 10:19 am Thursday, July 26th, 2018

By Staff Writer

Maren Morris is slowly becoming one of the biggest and most successful women in country music. Of course the only way to continue going up the ladder is to work with the amazing successful women above you! Maren says she recently reached out to Carrie Underwood about collaborating. “I wrote to Carrie a few weeks ago [hoping] that we could do something together,” Morris recently told a publication in Brazil. “So, [maybe there will be] a collaboration one day.” Morris went on to explain that she’d also like to work with Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars, noting, “I will always stroll between the country world and the pop world, because if I had to choose, I would choose both.” Morris is currently working on a new album described as “slightly more pop and soulful” than her debut LP Hero.