Luke Combs Sets The Boyfriend Bar High With Social Media Post 

Posted: 7:56 pm Thursday, August 23rd, 2018

By Staff Writer

Woah, Luke Combs is getting all sentimental and we love it! We don’t often get to see this side of him but he opened up in a recent Instagram post about his girlfriend and how much he loves her. He met her about two years ago when Luke had just moved to Nashville and was starting out. He hadn’t gotten his record deal or a publishing deal yet and Luke told People earlier in the year that when talking about his career “Everybody was like, ‘Yeah, this is never gonna work and so I didn’t have anything when we met.”


The post said “This is my baby and this is my favorite picture of her. She’s gonna be mad at me for posting it probably because it’s not perfect but she is. This picture encompasses everything that has made me fall in love with her. Her natural beauty, her smile, personality, and the way she lives life. She’s having a rough day and I’m far away, which is the hardest part of what I do, but I’m coming home baby, I’ll see you soon. I Love You”

Of course, we PRAY everything is okay with Nicole and things are better. They have to be if Luke Combs has anything to do with it!