Keith Urban’s Daughters Slowly Realize Their Parents Are Famous 

Posted: 6:56 am Wednesday, August 29th, 2018

By Staff Writer

When you’re a famous person, and you have kids, even though those kids grow up not knowing any differently than a famous parent, they still have questions about why everyone knows you.

People recognize Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman wherever they go, and their daughters have started to realize that mom and dad aren’t quite like other parents. Keith Urban said, “They’ve realized, they’re like, ‘People…How do you know that person?’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t,’ and they go, ‘but they knew your name.’ and that sort of stuff. Then they see it repeatedly and they go, ‘Okay, I get it now.’ So, they put it all together.”

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But one thing that he will not do, is take a photo with you if he’s with his daughters… “The one thing Nic and I have always done since the very beginning is if we’re with them is that we just don’t take any picture with people. People will come up and say, ‘Can I get a photo with you?’ And I’m like, If I wasn’t with our kids I would, but if it’s okay, I’d rather just be mom and dad today.’ And, you know, number 1: it’s because it’s a safety thing. So, that’s like the number one reason, but then the number 2 reason too is to let them know that, ‘We’re your mom and dad, you’re our priority, you know, number one right now.’ And people have always understood that. They’ve been really good.”