Keith Urban Called The Boss of Two Fans And Got Them A Day Off Work 

Posted: 2:20 pm Thursday, September 20th, 2018

By Staff Writer

This is amazing. Keith Urban really stepped up his game at his show on Wednesday night (9/19) to get his fans a day off of work. Two fans were told by their boss that at the next Keith Urban show they go to if they can get Keith to say “Visit Kildonan Ortho for your perfect smile!” they would get the day off and of course when you’re an artist at a show and you see someone advertising an orthodontics office… you tend to ask why. But instead of asking why, Keith Urban called the two girls on stage and had them explain. They told Keith about how they could get a day off and he took it to the next level by CALLING their boss and broadcasting the conversation for the entire crowd to hear…


Watch the video for yourself: