Low Down From Twang Town 

Backstreet Boy AJ McLean Releases Country Single, Back Porch Bottle Service

  • 5:47 am Wednesday, June 6th, 2018 by Staff Writer

We knew a while back that some of the Backstreet Boys, after working with the guys of Florida Georgia Line, wanted to venture off on their own and try out Country Music. Well, the first of the 5 to do it was AJ McLean, who just released a country single called “Back Porch Bottle Service.” After it was released and posted on social media, it didn’t get favorable reviews from fans. Some were saying they couldn’t tell if this was a serious single or not. Others were saying they expected way better from him and it’s very “overproduced.” Not everyone [More]

Backstreet Boys Opening A Restaurant, & Dipping Into The Tequila Industry

  • 7:06 am Monday, March 19th, 2018 by Staff Writer

THE BACKSTREET BOYS are starting their own restaurant.  They just filed for a trademark for the name “Backstreet Barbecue”.  Nick Carter tweeted, quote, “When you have two boys from Kentucky and three from Florida, I promise you that it’s gonna be finger licking good.” They’re also looking to start their own tequila brand.  Nick says they’re trying to find a partner in Mexico.

Don’t laugh . . . there’s money in it. George Clooney and Cindy Crawford’s husband started their Casamigos tequila in 2013 . . . and sold it off last year for $1 BILLION.